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Liam Simpson Nomia  Heroes of the Storm

March 31, 2017    Arcaner News

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RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Arcaner had a disappointing 1-2 loss to Team 8 during the 2017 HGC Western Clash.

Arcaner started out Game 1 on Jaina in what would be their only victory of the night. In this game Arcaner was repeatedly caught off guard and out of position in teamfights and ultimately did not perform to the standard that professional players should. Many mistakes he made were common ones that suggest he is not well versed with Jaina in the slightest, and only picked her to utilize her slowing trait. This strategy actually ended up working out for Nomia in the end, as the did manage to win the game despite Arcaner dying four times, literally half of the team's overall death toll. During Game 2 Arcaner was on Falstad and played nearly perfectly. His skillshots were great and exciting to watch, his positioning always kept him one step ahead of the enemy, and perhaps the most important of all, he completed his job of split-soaking perfectly. After suffering a loss despite his exceptional play, Arcaner was seen on camera with his head in his hands, likely wondering what more he could have done.